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Best Food Solution

About Us

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Best Food Solution is a social enterprise that adds value to locally produced chili in order to eradicate chili post-harvest loss through value addition and export of chili products.


We work closely with farmers and ensure farm input and output traceability and most of all bridge the gap between farmers and buyers in order to ensure a secure market for chili products.


We process Burundian chili into innovative products like chili oil, chili powder, Sun Dried chili, and red chili pesticides.

Our Milestones

our milestones
  • December 2021: The idea was conceived to form a company
  • 1 February 2021: Legally Registered the company
  • 25 July 2021: Setup a Physical address for the company
  • November 2021: we participated in world entrepreneurship week and won a presidential award for entrepreneurial innovation during 2021’s innovation week competition.
  • May 2021: started to work with farmers in Gatumba and other parts of Burundi in chili varieties.
  • June 2022: we participated in Burundi industrialization week organized by the Ministry of commerce.​


How we define ourselves as a team


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the packing team

we are a team of highly experienced and like-minded young entrepreneurs from various background with complementary skills mutually accountable to each other.


We are determined to transform Burundian smallholder farmers' lifestyles through building a value chain whereby we both process chili produces and bridge the gap between chili farmers and chili buyers.

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our ability to remain competitive and continue to deliver outstanding results, lies in having such an amazing team from various backgrounds with complementary skills and which embodies our company's vision and mission..jpeg

Our ability to remain competitive and continue to deliver outstanding results lies in having such an Amazing Team from various backgrounds with complementary skills which embody our company's vision and mission.

Our Team

Our Team is made of the following like-minded young Entrepreneurs.

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Co-founder, Op. Director

Karima Samuel

Co-founder, Board Member


Founder, CEO

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Marketing  Director

Ange Kelly KANEZA

Finance Manager

Gahizi Anatole

Quality Assurance Manager


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Elvis Irakoze

Web Developer

Aaron Nkurunziza

Farms Coordinator

Farm Fresh

Our chillis are grown and hand-picked at our facility for the best and refined products you want to have

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Awards of Success & Quality

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Presidential & Innovation Award Ceremony.

Worthy visit by African Union.



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To be a leader in agriculture value addition and export in Burundi, africa and beyond.

To empower smallholder farmers in Burundi through value addition for chillies and other naturally grown agricultural products through the development of varieties, cultivation, harvesting and value addition to meet the local and export customers requirements

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Our goals for the following years:

To create a sustainable and secure market for over 10.000 smallholder farmers from the highlands of Burundi.

To Create over 1000 job opportunities for both youth and Widowed women from Marginalized communities.

Our Products

pepper bags

Our program are very special, 100% natural, designed with customers in mind, treated under rigorous conditions and nicely packed in various sizes to allow oir customers purchase them in accordance with their finacial capacity, prefered tasted and choices.

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Besta Chili Powder


A thin powder made out of cayenne pepper used as spice in ready food or can also be used while cooking

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Besta Pilipili Oil


Chili oil made out of Burundian chili pepper known as mbuzi mixed with garlic, ginger and sunflower oil. it's a highly nutritious chili brand due to the fact that its ingredient are rich in vitamins C, A, K etc... its incredible smell and taste make it the most outstanding chili brand on the market place

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Besta Drilled Chilli


The hand-picked and sundried chillies treated under rigorous conditions and packaged nicely for the enjoment of the customers

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Our partners 

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Delivering Best Chili Products








Bujumbura- Burundi, Buterere

zone, Quartier Miroir, Kiyange II,

AV 18, Number 10